Aventri API V2

The Aventri API provides a means to interact with your Aventri data programmatically via a RESTful web service. This site provides documentation and code samples for the API. If you wish to use the Aventri API to integrate the Aventri platform with your applications, simply generate credentials via the Aventri application.

Some of the highlights of the Aventri API V2 include:
  • split into different modules
  • functions have been simplified and standardized for ease of use
  • each module generally includes two functions - one to list data (with very basic information) and the second to get a single record
  • added the ability to choose the format in which data is returned for each call - either XML or JSON
  • more error messages have been added to facilitate debugging

Version 1 of the API is no longer available.

If you have any questions about the V2 API, please contact us at support@aventri.com.